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Women of Peace Corps Legacy

Women of Peace Corps Legacy


Support the Award!

Tell us about your pledge to commit to mentoring or share a story of a mentor who has made a difference in your life.

"I believe that I do this intentionally and …by accident. I try to make myself accessible and available to women with whom I work and interact with professionally. I am making a commitment to do this more intentionally because of the WPCL call to action. There is also a role to play in ensuring that the institutions in which I work and volunteer have created environments in which women are recognized and supported as their male counterparts are and younger women are provided with opportunities to grow and contribute. "

-Kate Raftery

We ask you to lend a hand to women all around you who might need help launching their careers, rethinking their lives or expanding their horizons. Just as others have been there for you, be there for another woman as she walks her path.

Our ASK: Offer to mentor 5 women who might appreciate the assistance at this point in their lives. Make a commitment of time and attention.

Send us your pledge. No need for names but just the public commitment to mentor and support 5 women over whatever time you two have decided.

"Jane Martin was our PC Directors ‘ wife and friend to many of us.  She opened a restaurant “ Aunt Jane’s” (best lemon meringue pie) and “Cheez Beez Bhandar” –a store for things (handicrafts and art work).  She showed us how to live life to its full extent: each day, each hour, each person, each event—important, worthy, loved.  In 1973 she died suddenly in Nepal.  Reflecting upon her short life, she taught me to be ready to share, to give, to search, to be open and honest.  Simply, to be good, be happy and find joy in life."  

-Sigrid Anderson

Nepal, 1970-72