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Women of Peace Corps Legacy

Women of Peace Corps Legacy

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Application Materials

 Nomination Process

Nominees must be women with an acknowledged connection to Peace Corps. This includes: Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and/or Peace Corps Staff.

While there is only one award annually, multiple individuals can be nominated as part of a group award. All members of the “group award” would need to be affiliated to Peace Corps.  WPCL will cover travel expenses for two people to participate in the annual award ceremony.

Nominees must have made and/or be making significant and lasting impact in the lives of women and girls. This can be widely interpreted to include all the different areas where one can have an impact – health, education, the environment, mentoring, sports, economic empowerment, etc.

Nomination Submissions Available Soon!

Nominations Due March 31, 2018!

Nomination Requirements

Please submit a three page narrative (maximum) to nominate your selected candidate(s). The narrative should include the following:

1. the name (names) of the nominee(s)

2. contact information of the nominee(s) – address, email, phone

3. past or present affiliation with Peace Corps

4. discussion and evidence of the nominee’s exemplary and significant contributions to make a difference in the lives of women and girls