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Women of Peace Corps Legacy

Women of Peace Corps Legacy

Share a story about your service.

"As an RPCV and a current Peace Corps employee, I think it’s important to remind myself and my Peace Corps community, that simply serving abroad does not mean you have reached a deep understanding of diversity and inclusion. It does not mean that you have eliminated all traces of racism or prejudice from your consciousness. We must always work on suspending judgment and improve our understanding of others. I hope that my work on diversity and inclusion initiatives continues to serve underserved communities throughout the US and world in some small way."

-Laara Manler                                                                                                                                                                                   



We ask you to recommit to service. Your Peace Corps experience demonstrated that service is a core value for you. Recommit to that.

Our ASK: We are all busy but our ask is that you find 2 or more hours a week to recommit to service. We hope that your focus will be on elevating girls and women, just as others have helped elevate us in the past, but you can make your service personal and special for you in any way.

Send us your story. Share with us how you are demonstrating to others that service is critical in all of our communities, and if you can inspire others to serve with you.

"There are concrete demonstrations of my commitment to service and there is also this aspirational goal to always be prepared to serve in ways which I might see today but perhaps I have not even considered yet. I volunteer with different service organizations and serve in the leadership of two. I try to be the best neighbor I can be recognizing that one does not have to travel long distances to serve, but to serve can be as impactful done right next door."

-Kate Raftery

Paraguay, 1973