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Our Mission

Women of Peace Corps Legacy (WPCL) is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to advance women and girls empowerment to create a better, more just, equitable, inclusive and safe world for future generations.. We have a small board and several working groups that meet virtually and face-to-face. We do not seek to create programs but to partner with and highlight the work of those existing organizations and programs that are effectively addressing the issues of women and girls. We aspire to represent all those women whose lives have been positively affected by Peace Corps, those currently serving, and those who have served over the last 50 plus years.


News & Stories

Explore the work we have done and the partnerships we are forming:


Watch clips from our Women of Peace Corps Legacy documentary highlighting a different woman and her story of service: 




More from the Peace Corps Community

Our group is one part of a vast community of affiliate groups of the National Peace Corps Association. Join NPCA and subscribe to their e-newsletter to engage with the broader Peace Corps community. Learn more.